In your hands

I listen through the darkness and I know that I’m not alone. I feel you all around me but every time I call all I hear is my own echo. Your silence says it all. I’m restless but I will not fight. I’ll let go. As time slips through my fingers, I slow down and breathe you in. There’s a peace that washes over me and I’m not afraid at all of things I cannot see nor understand because faith is blind and I’ll go on another night because I know it’s in your hands. Maybe one day this will make sense, but until then I’m trusting you. I’m confused but you’ll come through. You always do. I’ve waited so long to see my sun on the horizon. Feel it coming on and I’m seeing you. I trust you though I don’t understand. I’ll close my eyes and fall into plan. I trust you because it’s all in your hands.