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Watching Mew play in Finland

Table for one please

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Look close

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Look closer

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And even closer…that’s it

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Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer?

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June 25th, 2010

New shoes!

June 30th, 2010


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MTV Transmission: 30 Seconds to Mars Exclusive Blog (Week 3)

June 22nd, 2010

Every week, 30 Seconds To Mars will be blogging their touring adventures for MTV Transmission. Here’s what the boys are up to this week!


This Week

Last weekend, Thirty Seconds To Mars rocked Download Festival’s 30th Anniversary in the United Kingdom down at Donington Park, then heading to Germany for two nights of shows in Dortmund and Leipzig. After arriving in Finland for Provinssirock Festival, the Band hardly slows down as they then prepare to head to Sweden for Sunday’s Gothenburg Pier Festival.


After a sleepless night we left Paris (and a sweaty hotel room courtesy of a broken ac) and headed to neutral Switzerland to the beautiful Caribana Festival. It’s situated right on a lake between France and Switzerland and boats were moored right by the stage.


We actually did some interviews on one of the sail boats that afternoon and Shannon even took a ride to the middle of the lake. Still not sure where he commandeered that vessel…The sun went down right before we played and it started pouring rain which made it even an even more chaotic show. We all went nuts together singing nonstop and drenched or not it was perfect.

We headed to the UK after Switzerland to play Download Festival. This was one of the first big festivals we ever played (in 2007) so we have really fond memories of it. We were playing on the Ronnie James Dio stage (I wore my Sabbath shirt in tribute) and were greeted by none other than the legendary Tommy Iommi when we were walking up to stage. It was an honor to meet him and see him side of stage right before we went on. We played at the same time as Rage Against the Machine (we must be out of our heads) but somehow people stayed and it was incredible. I couldn’t even begin to image how many people were watching but thanks to all who did. You blew our minds.


Sang happy B to our friend Nichola (of Kerrang fame) and our good friend Chino from Deftones came out and sang The Kill and surprised the already raukus crowd. He nailed it again and I got a chance to publicly thank him and his band for making such inspiring music all these years. Thanks again Chino.


After the UK, we went to back to Germany, which is feeling more and more like another home. We love the people and the shows are always crazy energy and insane – We played Dortmund on the Tuesday night – Leipzig on Wednesday. Both magical.


PS. We announced a brand new show in Germany at oberhaussen in december. Can’t wait.

I had actually been to Leipzig once before but I didn’t realize just how beautiful it is. I took a walk around when I first woke up and got to enjoy a quiet moment in the park with some sunshine, a busy little family of raher large otters, some granola and soy milk, and a few fans who were about and about getting ready for the festivities.


Hopped off a plane this morning and am now in Finland for Provinssirock. Stays light outside till 1am. Midsummer madness they call it… I got a chance to get some great finnish food at a place called JUURI and now I’m back to life and ready to work all night.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

- jared




A barely standing building from world war 2 in Leipzig, Germany…there was a gate surrounding the property so I had to jump it to get this photo. Pretty amazing what we all humans had to go through to get to where we are today. Lives lost and and many a born to help carve today’s society.




I also went into a church in the town center where in 1989 a secret meeting was formed to start the beginning discussions of the destruction of the Berlin wall…it began with a few people and ended up growing to over 100,000 protesters, basically the size of the crowd at the Download festival in England where we performed! Have a great week and enjoy the moments of this short life we have!!!

- Shannon



Waking up at 4am for ferries to cross the english channel use to really annoy me. Although, when you look out over the horizon and see views like this one it becomes quite difficult to be angry at the opportunity to see something like this.

I often imagine what it was like 300-400 years ago when crossing these waters were much less peaceful than this. What has become a routine trek from the UK to France was once quite a perilous journey. Its easy to forget the history here, and I believe it is important to remember that no privilege we enjoy anywhere on this earth came without the ultimate price from so many people. Nothing in this world comes easily and this luxury is no exception…

- Tomo

(source: ; MTV ASIA)

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MTV Transmission: 30 Seconds To Mars Exclusive Blog (Week 2)


This Week

After one stop in the Netherlands and a day off in France, Thirty Seconds To Mars headed to beautiful Switzerland to play at Caribana Festival. This weekend, the Band will be playing Download Festival in the United Kingdom, rocking the Ronnie James Dio Stage in Donington Park.

Message From Mars

After an EPIC weekend at Rock Im Park and then Rock Am Ring we headed away from Germany to the city of bikes and canals… Amsterdam.



The city is so beautiful – delicate buildings leaning on one another, impossibly crooked, cobblestone streets and winding waterways.

Spent most of the time editing the new video but snuck out and went on a late night walk. Wandered through the red light district, met up with my friends including Remco from G Star. Was great to see familiar faces. Made friends with some fish and saw the worlds smallest starfish. The weirdest part was when the rats stormed the restaurant we were eating at. Not exactly dessert but… ugh.

Had a show in Tilburg the next day. First time we’ve played on that side of the country and the show was incredible. Thanks so much to everyone who organized and participated in “light night”. It was a beautiful sight to look out onto from stage and be floating in that sea of neon.


After Tilburg, we headed to Paris and were locked down in a studio just outside the city all day. I left at 530am, had a quick bite to eat at a place called ‘aux pied de cochon’ or ‘I peed on your croutons’. Wandered through the streets. Paris is an incredible city at any hour but in the early morning light it’s eerily quiet and empty and a great time to discover things about it that you’ve never noticed before.


After 2 hours sleep, I’m now on a train to Geneva to headline the Caribana Festival. Looking forward to seeing all our Swiss friends again. The train ride is beautiful and I love Europe.


We’ve only been here for a week but I feel right at home again.

See you soon.

- Jared



Just got off the stage at the Caribanna Festival in Switzerland and it was epic! Energy was sick!

Day started off with me waking up on the bus and walking out of it to find a huge lake with mountains in the distance covered with snow. Nice vision first thing in the morning. I ended up getting on a speed boat and taking a ride around this pond with France on my right and Switzerland on my left, pretty relaxing being out there.

Here’s a pic, till next time!


- Shannon


Here we are in Switzerland! What an amazingly beautiful place! Sometimes while touring around the world, you forget to stop and just enjoy the scenery. This photo is of the marina at the Caribana Festival here in Switzerland and I was just sitting here forever just enjoying the view. Feels good to take a minute to yourself and just enjoy the surroundings. Looking forward to Download Festival!!!

- Tomo


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30 Seconds To Mars – Exclusive MTV UK Blog Post 1

June 11th, 2010

This coming week, the Band will travel to and thru Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and back into Germany.
Thirty Seconds To Mars played for huge crowds in Germany, including one hundred and twenty thousand who came out for the 25th Anniversary of Rock Am Ring.

Band in a box

This Week

Thirty Seconds To Mars played for huge crowds in Germany, including one hundred and twenty thousand who came out for the 25th Anniversary of Rock Am Ring.

Messages From Mars

Our last sunset in America

After one of the best tours of our entire lives, we jetted back to Europe to begin our summer festival run.

First stop: DEUTSCHLAND!

What u lookin at

Germany is an epic place to play shows.

First stop was two sold-out shows at the Batschkapp in Frankfurt. They were intimate shows. Part warm up. Part a chance for us to get up close and personal with the echelon. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Rock Am Ring crowd

The first fesival show was the gargantuam ROCK AM RING. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s the biggest rock festival in Germany and hundreds of thousands of people go to both Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park for 4 days and camp and watch bands play. I can’t describe what it’s like to step out in front of a crowd and not be able to see where it ends.

The show was pure madness. Unforgettable and impossible to really put into words.

We played at sunset. The weather was perfect. The crowd was on fire. Everything came together. Quite possibly the best festival show we’ve ever played.

We look forward to seeing everyone on this tour across Europe and can’t wait to share this adventure with you.


Relaxing in Germany

This week has been incredible! It started with 2 small shows in Frankfurt, the energy was amazing! Then we went to Rock Am Ring and played at 8:50 PM as the sun was going down…. The feeling was indescribable with 85,000 thousand bodies moving to our music!



Walking through the streets of Frankfurt and came across this little skatepark under the bridge.  Why couldn’t stuff like this exist when I was a younger!  I would have killed to have this place somewhere near where I lived…  Oh well, in another life.  For now, I’ll just enjoy it through these kids.  :)