NASAEarth-13.jpgMelting on the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. In wintertime, snow and ice blanket Bylot Island in white, but in this Terra satellite image from July 22, 2012, Bylot’s glaciers contrast with its earth-toned land cover. Photographs of the glaciers taken between the nineteen-forties and the aughts reveal that many are rapidly retreating.

NASAEarth-14.jpgThe Great Pyramids at Giza. This July 25, 2012, photograph of Giza, Egypt, illustrates the degree of detail visible from the International Space Station using a long focal-length lens to provide high magnification. With good illumination of the scene and a steady hand on the camera, current off-the-shelf digital cameras on the I.S.S. can acquire detailed images to rival those of automated satellite sensors.

Astronaut photograph by the Expedition 32 crew, provided by the ISS Crew Earth Observations experiment and Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, Johnson Space Center.

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