What is contained in a blank piece of paper?


I think that a blank piece of paper contains life. Not the physical constraints of living things, but the little bit of each person that seems to breath on to the paper. From its source, paper is a living tree, finding its place in the world through physical transformation. But the tree where the paper comes from is life, trees grow and are constantly taking in the ever changing world.

We represent our families through trees, showing the growth of a family, much like what a tree goes through each year. The truth about our family, its members, our history, our secrets, our flaws are all on display, just like what a tree has to bare. Trees create the substances that we can not live without, they give us the breath for our lungs and fuel our desire to explore. 

If I could be anything in my ‘next life’ I would want to be a tree. They are peaceful and strong. They don’t say much, but they take in and observe everything. They provide comfort and security for those who are seeking it. They are a place to play and pretend, a place to confess your love or seek shelter from the sun’s gaze. Trees are more then what they seem, layer on top of layer creating patterns that are so unique, no two are alike. I want to be a tree so that I could prove there is more to me then what is obvious. 

A piece of paper is merely just a tool. A tool to showcase what what was life and produce what can be a bit of life, placed in someone who is moved by the artistry that is created.